🌷Raise your child into ROYALTY🌷


We are a team dedicated to the design and creation of modular systems for babies and children up to 6 years old.
The ability to oversee design and production allows us to deliver a product of value while supporting local artisans and producers. In addition to our engineering and design game in place, we are also fortunate to control quality for assembly and packaging in our own facilities. With years of experience, we can rest assured that we will do our best to bring RoyalBaby™ to life.

Risks and challenges
As product designers and engineers, we are one of the most qualified team with extensive experience in designing and mass production solutions for more than 15 years. We therefore know how to prepare for the product development process and deal with problems that can arise at any stage, from the supply chain to logistics. We understand that unforeseen issues can always arise, and if so, we will handle them with the utmost transparency and care for our supporters.

Supply Chain – We have a long-lasting relationship with our suppliers for both electronic components and leather materials. We are very confident that we can create RoyalBaby™ with the highest quality. However, full-grain leather is a natural material and changes in the colour or texture of the leather and signs of wear and tear are normal. Irregularities in colour consistency should not be considered a defect but inherent in the natural qualities of the material.
We have two main offices for the supply of our products and these depend on the geographical area that finds the destination, therefore, normally RoyalBaby™ buys most of the hemisphere. By the way, for reasons of efficiency and logistics, the product will find the name "BOLINA ", this is because it comes from our second factory which supplies its geographical area. We hope this is not a problem for the customer because RoyalBaby™ guarantees the same functionality, quality, and descriptions.

Logistics – We use reputable shipping providers to deliver our products as promised. But the risk of international postal services being affected by COVID-19 appears to continue. There may be delays in supply chains and therefore in deliveries of final products.

We will maintain open and honest communication with you throughout our process, so you know what stage your RoyalBaby pram is in and when it will arrive to you.

Thanks for supporting us.