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What's included?

In an ordinary order is included: Baby cradle and Car seat. These accessories can be used together as "3 in 1" system. During particular events, you can receive some gifts absolutely free. 

How do I order spare parts?

For general spare parts, you can contact a member of our customer service team on royalbaby@hotmail.com.

Do you deliver to Northern Ireland?

Yes! We are a serious brand, and we deliver to all the world.

Do the cot beds come with a mattress?

Yes, the accessories are included.

Is there a foot muff for the Pioneer/Wayfarer?

Yes, it can be found on our website under Wayfarer or Pioneer accessories.

Do you manufacture a buggy board for your travel systems?

We do manufacture a buggy board for the Coat and Wave (2019 onwards), however this is not compatible with other RoyalBaby™ models.

The product is exactly the same of the pictures or have any changes?
The products can have little changes, especially the position of the logo, it depends on the world zone.

What does the package contain?
The package contains a RoyalBaby™, pram, cradle, and some gifts and a secret discount code for your future orders!


If you have more questions, you can contact us in the assistance online or in the mail royalbaby@hotmail.com. Thank you!